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Where to find Used Left Handed Golf Clubs

While the population at large consists of about 10% to 15% left handed people, in the golf world only about 5% of golfers play from that side. The main reason for this was for along time it was hard to find left handed golf clubs. Now it is easier to find quality golf clubs for lefties, yet, there still is not nearly as many options as right handed clubs. So finding a good source for used left handed golf clubs can be another story altogether.

Sources for Used Left Handed Golf Clubs

The first place to look for used left handed golf clubs is eBay. This is the place to find just about anything including stuff for the lefty golfer. A search of America's giant garage sale can uncover some fine deals on used golf clubs for the left handed player. You may even find some good buys on new left handed golf clubs instead of making a used purchase

If you are looking for quality used golf gear that has been cleaned and checked and may even offer a guarantee or warranty then you have a few choices. This is the best way to make a used golf club purchase. You won't have to be quite as cautious when buying used left handed golf clubs. Stores that offer this kind of service and protection on used clubs along with good savings over buying new are the golf stores to spend your hard earned money at.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned is one of these types of stores. As the name implies they sell used Callaway golf clubs. If you are interested in used Callaway there really is not another choice. This is an excellent source for pre-owned left handed golf clubs. You get a certificate of authenticity, a 90 day buy back guarantee and each club goes through a 10 point inspection. Also, if you have some old Callaway clubs you might want to look into their Trade in, Trade up program.

Edwin Watts Golf Pre-owned is another fine site to find used left handed golf clubs. They guarantee the condition of the clubs and stand behind your purchase with their exclusive 1 year certified warranty. Click on "Pre-Owned" in the menu on the left side of the home page and that will take you to their used golf clubs section.

Golfsmith is another top-notch seller of golf clubs and gear. They are known for their club making supplies. Yet, they sell just about everything regarding golf. This includes used golf clubs. You can check out their collection of used lefty golf gear or maybe you can just build your own set of left handed golf clubs.

Better than Used Left Handed Clubs

How about a quality set of new golf clubs for the left hander at a lower cost than a used set of clubs. I say, "Get new clubs for better than the price of used". What could be better than that? Pinemeadow Golf has been custom building top-quality golf clubs for many years. Their specialty is building custom golf clubs and shipping them directly to you. Their "Direct from the Factory Floor to You" philosophy eliminates the middlemen, providing you the best value. This includes left handed models. They are well worth the look and if you just must have some used clubs, they have a section of used and refurbished clubs.

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