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Buying Used Golf Club Sets
or Individual Used Golf Clubs.

Pre-owned golf clubs are a great way to save some money when purchasing a new-to-you set. But, there are some things that you should look out for and need to know about before you make that next purchase. What are the most important issues when looking at second-hand golf clubs? There are three main items to watch out for when buying used golf club sets. You need to check the clubs face, shaft, and grips.

The Sometimes Ugly Face of Used Golf Clubs

One of the main problems when buying used clubs is that the face can be worn. If the clubs are really old or have been used a lot the grooves will not work as designed, especially on your short irons. The grooves on a clubs face are what grabs the ball and creates the spin you want on short shots. Used golf club sets or single clubs with a badly damaged face are a poor investment and you should look to the next pre-owned golf set. When purchasing online insist on pictures, especially of the golf clubs face.

Don't get the Shaft with Used Golf Clubs

There are a few different problems that can arise with the shaft of a golf club. Different problems show themselves based on the type of shaft the used golf clubs have. You have two choices when it comes to shaft types, either graphite or metal.

With graphite shafts in a used golf club set you need to watch out for small cracks that are hard to see without close inspection. This is something that is not likely to show up in a photo for online purchases. These types of injuries to a golf club are mainly found at the base of the club where the shaft meets the club head.

With metal shafts in used golf clubs you also need to check the club heads attachment to the shaft. A good shake of the club and listening for a rattle can tell you a lot. This is another thing that can be a problem when purchasing used golf club sets online.

If you are starring an unbelievable deal on a used golf club set or an individual golf wood in the face and you can't check the shaft it may not be a bad choice to make that buy anyway. A club can be re-shafted rather cheaply. A high quality new golf club shaft matched with a great deal on the club itself can be a great way to save on some golf sticks.

Get a Grip on Used Golf Clubs

The grips on a used set of golf clubs can be a problem, not one that should really impact your decision. If everything else about the clubs are great and you are getting a good deal a few extra dollars to have your clubs re-gripped is the way to go. New golf grips are a fantastic way to make an old golf club feel new again. Putting new grips on second-hand golf clubs is something you probably would want to do anyway.

Great Deals on Used Golf Club Sets or Single Clubs Without the Hassles

When buying a used golf club for sale online insist on photos or a guarantee from a reputable online dealer. Even "As is" clubs from a trustworthy online store is a good way to go. Buying used golf clubs online at an auction site, where you may have some recourse through the site if you don't get what you were promised can be a good idea. These are the things you should do whether looking for used right handed golf clubs, used left handed golf clubs or used ladies golf clubs.

Callaway Golf Pre-Owned deals in obviously used Callaway golf clubs including irons, wedges, putters and drivers. They take in Callaway used golf clubs and refurbish them and certify their authenticity.

If looking for used golf clubs other than Callaway look at a site such as GolfSmith. They sell both new and used golf clubs and materials such as club heads, shafts, and grips for building your own clubs or refurbishing the used set of golf clubs you just bought. The pre-owned and demo golf club section has an ever changing selection of clubs each with a statement about their condition. They also have an Outlet section with all kinds of golf gear not just used golf clubs.

Used golf club sets at eBay is one of the first places people look these days for both used and new golf products. Good deals can be found when buying eBay golf clubs. Remember the problems outlined above and the solutions when buying at used golf club auctions.

Buying used golf clubs is not the only way to save some cash on a new set of clubs. You may want to look at clone golf clubs. They are not what you may be thinking, that being, cheap knockoffs of name brand golf equipment. An excellent discussion of Clones vs. Name Brands can be found at Pinemeadow Golf. They make golf clubs with the same quality materials and technology as the big guys, factory-direct to you. This allows you to get a brand spanking new premium set of irons, or a new driver, wedge or putter for the same or lower cost of comparable used big name brand golf clubs. If you want to save even more try the used, returned and refurbished section of products at Pinemeadow Golf.

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