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What is the Longest Golf Ball?

Everyone is looking for that elusive few extra yards off the tee. People look in two places for those yards. They pickup a new driver with the latest technology, like the DoubleWall Driver from Pinemeadow Golf or a new golf ball that will just fly off the tee. Most people opt for the more inexpensive of these options and try to find a long off the tee golf ball. A long golf ball is the holy grail of golf ball development. Yet many things can factor into how far a golf ball will go.

The longest golf ball for someone with a slow to moderate swing speed may be different than someone with a Tiger Woods like out of this world swing speed. If you are just looking for pure distance then the longest golf ball is going to be one of the illegal golf balls. These balls do not conform to the rules of golf, but will turn the weekend hacker into Tiger Woods or Hank Kuehne off the tee.

There are many factors that go into what would be the longest golf ball for you. The basic distance golf ball like the Top-Flite XL is going to give any golfer distance of the tee. For a golfer with a slow to moderate club head speed, the longest golf ball for you would be a low compression golf ball like the Titleist DT SoLo or the Precept Laddie Xtreme. For moderate to fast club head speed, the distance golf ball of choice might be the Titleist NXTicon or NXT Touricon. If you have a Tiger Woods like swing speed, then you will get plenty of distance and playability from the Nike One Platinum or Titleist Pro V1xicon.

You also need to remember that increasing your distance off the tee is not necessarily the best way to cut strokes off your golf game. As, Dave Pelz says in his Short Game Bible you need to work on your golf game from 100yds and in. Getting the ball on the green and close to the hole is probably more important than adding 10yds to your tee shot. Who cares how far you can hit it if it takes you 4 or more strokes to get on the green and once you are there you are too far away from the cup to have a chance to sink the putt. In my opinion you probably should work on your short game, then get your putting down, and then worry about the longest golf balls and your distance off the tee.

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