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7 Inexpensive Golf Gifts

Let me start off by defining what an inexpensive golf gift is for purposes of the gift ideas you will find listed here. It is a quality golf product that any golfer would enjoy using and will cost you less than $50. These are not cheap golf gifts, that being a golf product that is both inexpensive and being of lower quality. The golf gifts suggested here are useful, valuable and distinctive. Just what you need for the golfer on your list.

Golf Ball Finding Glasses from Hammacher SchlemmerHow about some golf ball finding glasses, they look like sunglasses but help you find your golf ball out on the course. How many times have you been out on the course and know your golf ball is right in the area you are standing, but you just can't see it. Enter the Golf Ball Finding Glasses. These glasses have special lenses that block out dark colors so golf balls are easier to locate in tall grass or shaded woods. They come in either stylish wraparound frames or prescription lens fit-overs and come with a durable nylon carrying case that clips to your belt or golf bag for quick access during play. The glasses block out 90% of long wavelength light (dark colors such as greens and browns) and let shorter wavelength light (such as whites and yellows) pass through unimpeded. That makes golf balls easier to find. Saving you not only time, but possible penalty strokes as well. A golf gift any golfer could use, but has probably never seen or heard of before. See photos of what it looks like with and without these glasses on.

Voice Recording Golf Ball Display Case from BrookstoneMaybe something for the golfer's home or office, an inexpensive golf gift that can be displayed with pride and their own voice. The Voice Recording Golf Ball Display Case is a beautiful wooden case that lets you showcase your most memorable games with custom audio messages. The case holds nine golf balls and lets you record up to a 19 second message for each. Internal memory saves recorded messages and a lockout switch prevents accidental erasure. Makes a great conversation piece, literally!

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: GolfGolf books are great ideas for inexpensive golf gifts. But, don't get them another coffee table book about golf or a book on instruction. Coffee table books make good decorations if they actually have a coffee table yet are not usually that useful. Also, golf instruction books are a no-no. On a happy occasion such as one when you will be receiving gifts, a golfer doesn't want to be reminded that he sucks at golf. So get them something fun to read and possibly get them out of a tough scrape out on the links. A book such as, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Golf. With this book you can learn the essentials like how to finish a round with a broken arm, the best way to play out of a water hazard, how to make it through a lightning storm, or survive being hit in the privates. These tips and more can be found in this handy guide that you should not get caught on the golf course without.

Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder from GolfsmithThis golfing gift will hit the spot, the sweet spot that is. The Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder will help the golfer find the optimal balance point on any golf ball they use. It spins the ball at 10,000 revolutions per minute and automatically realigns the heaviest areas of the golf ball along its equator. A less than perfectly balanced golf ball no longer has a tendency to wobble, but rather roll more accurately on the green. In golf every stroke counts, so don't give shots away because of unbalanced golf balls. Get this inexpensive golf gift for the golfer on your list. They probably don't have one but could definitely use one.

Golf Bag WatchMost golfers I know don't wear their watch while they are playing. Yet most want to keep track of how long their round is taking. To solve this problem, get them a nice Golf Bag Watch. This accurate quartz clock clips to the golfer's bag or belt loop while they play. Keeping the golfer free of distraction and free to step up and make a clean smooth swing. This is the type of inexpensive golf gift that helps the golfer get more enjoyment out of the game.

Golf Club Cleaning Kit from GolfsmithOn the subject of enjoyment, most golfers find cleaning their clubs a necessary thing but not so much enjoyable. So, help them out with a Golf Club Cleaning Kit. Get them everything they need to keep their clubs in top shape. A clean club is a better club. This kit includes 2 nylon brushes, cleaning solvent, metal polish, grip cleaner, sponges and polishing cloth. A golf gift every golfer can use to make their game just a little better or at least a little cleaner.

Par Gift Basket from GolfsmithIf none of these inexpensive golf gifts strike your fancy, you can always go with the still usefull but more generic golf gift basket. Something like the Par Gift Basket found at Golfsmith. This contemporary chrome wire range basket is full of golf goodies. You will find a nickel-coated bag watch, set of nine neoprene iron covers, a deluxe brush set, golf scope, a pack of 100 tees in assorted colors and a sleeve of two golf balls. If this one is not for you, get some other recommendations for golf gift baskets.

I hope these suggestions for inexpensive golf gifts help you find that special golfer on your list the perfect gift. If you are looking for more ideas or golf gifts in a different price range, find some recommendations besides inexpensive golf gifts.

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