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What are Illegal Golf Balls?

What makes a golf ball illegal? Well, a golf ball has set specifications regarding weight, size and velocity. Golf balls have a minimum size requirement of 1.68 inches in diameter and a maximum weight of 1.62 ounces. They also have a velocity requirement not to exceed 250 feet per second. A prohibited golf ball will not conform to these specifications. Golf balls that don't meet the requirements established by the USGA - United States Golf Association are banned.

A banned golf ball is still usable by the general public, but I would not recommend it. You will get some great distance off the tee, yet you will have less feel and playability around the green. Illegal golf balls don't let you develop your game. They give you a false sense of distance. An illegal golf ball is a poor way in my opinion to try and improve your game. You will have no ability to judge your play against the course and others who play within the established rules.

An example of illegal golf balls are the Cayman Desperado. This ball is a bit smaller in diameter, a little heavier in weight, and has a core that is devised for maximum velocity. With these changes to the regulation golf ball you will get an estimated extra 20 to 25 yards off the tee. Other banned golf balls out there are the Cayman Pirate, The Hot One, The "A" Ball and Fireball. Each of these, illegal balls, have similar features to the Desperado. Try them if you must. Just remember it will be tough to go back and lose that added yardage. Also, no matter what the packaging or advertising says about these balls your ability to get the illegal golf ball on the green and keep it there will be substantially reduced. These golf balls are geared to fly high and far, not stop and spin back towards the cup. You can find the Fireball illegal ball and other fun golf novelty items at Golf'un.

You will be better off improving your play within the established rules. That feeling of accomplishment when you break 70, 80, 90, or 100 for the first time will be much more enjoyable knowing you used a legal golf ball. Instead of illegal golf balls you might want to improve your golf game by selecting the best golf ball for you.

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