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History of the Golf Ball

Golf ball history can be a fascinating topic. From the days of the wooden ball to the feathery to the balls of today has been a long and interesting journey. Things like noticing that balls had a better flight when scuffed or nicked. This took golf ball designers in a new direction for making golf balls and lead to the aerodynamic dimple patterns we have on golf balls today. There are some outstanding sources on the web for more exploration on the history of the golf ball.

History of the Golf Ball Websites

Searching the web I have found three websites that will give you an understanding of the history of the golf ball.
Short, concise and well designed explanation of golf ball history including pictures.
This page is part of a site that was done for the 1997 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge. The design of the page is old school web, but the information is good.
They not only sell golf balls, they also have a succinct retelling of golf history including information about the golf ball.

500 Years of Golf Balls: History & Collector's GuideIf after reading these websites you still want or need more information regarding the history of the golf ball, you might want to get your hands on the book 500 Years of Golf Balls: History & Collector's Guide. This is more than just a book for collectors. It covers in complete detail the evolution and technological innovations applied to golf balls throughout the history of the game. A book with everything about the golf ball you might want to know and more and includes a reprint of The Curious History of the Golf Ballicon.

Golf Ball History Art

There are some first-rate art and wall hangings to enhance your home or office décor. A fine edition to any wall is the Development Of The Golf Ball Shadow Box, it traces the history of the golf ball from the first "Wooden" ball in 1600 through the predecessor of today's modern ball, the "Air Flight" in 1936. Another choice would be Golf's Holey Rollers. This print with a nice frame will add to the décor of any home or office of any golf fan.

Maybe you are interested in more than the history of golf ball art pieces. has and excellent assortment of posters and art prints for your perusal. This includes a full selection of golfing related posters and art prints.

Golf Ball History Gifts and Décor

If wall art is not your thing, maybe you want to add some golf history to your home or office desk. A pair of history of the golf ball book ends, a pen/paperclip holder or a pen/pencil holder. If you are looking for something other than history of the golf ball pieces, the site for golf related décor and gifts is This is the best place I have found for golf items for your office and inside or outside your home. Whether you are looking for pillows, cups, bookends, door mats or BBQ utensils that are golf themed, this is one great website.

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