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Get a Good Golf Rule Book

The rules of golf can be a tedious subject. Starting in 1744 with thirteen simple rules, the rules of golf have grown into the mind-numbing set of rules we have today. They have grown unwieldy like the tax code to where you need some sort of help to figure things out and wish for some simplification. There are two ways to go to get a good book on the rules of golf. From the USGA (United States Golf Association) the people who make the rules and others who take those golf rules and makes them understandable.

USGA Golf Rule Books

The small golf rule book from the USGA that fits in your golf bag is the official set of rules and maybe easy to carry and useful in resolving a situation out on the course, but it is not the best way to learn the golf rules. Knowing this the USGA has developed a companion book to the official golf rules book called Decisions on the Rules of Golf. This book answers questions from real golfers about real situations as to how to apply the rules of golf. Also, they have published Golf Rules Illustrated a pictorial guide through the rules of golf.

Other Golf Rule Books

There are some very good, none USGA Publications. Two fine choices are The Rules of Golf in Plain English and Golf Rules Plain & Simple. Both of these golf books take the arcane and make it understandable.

The Rules of Golf in Plain EnglishIn The Rules of Golf in Plain English, the authors have decided that the language used to express the rules of golf was not very practical. Particularly since a golfer is expected to call a penalty on yourself. So, they reworked the golf rules line by line creating a golf rule book the average golfer could easily understand.

Golf Rules Plain & Simple is a clear and concise golf rules book. Written by a PGA tour official, this book takes the confusing complexities out of the rules of golf and gives the average golfer an easy to comprehend golf rule book.

The Illustrated Rules DictionaryIf you are a more visual person you may want to look for a golf rule book like The Illustrated Golf Rules Dictionary. This guide is alphabetically ordered and colorfully illustrated for a plain and simple way to get a full understanding of the rules of golf.

Knowing the rules as well as the etiquette of golf is essential. This allows you to not put yourself in an embarrassing situation. It also allows you to get the full enjoyment out of the game of golf. Getting yourself a good book on golf rules so you can better grasp them will help facilitate your pursuit of better golf.

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