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Every golfer is looking to improve their game. This is not in question. What is the best way to go about doing so? That is what we are all looking for. If you are a novice, you will want to find some beginner golf books and materials to get you on your way. Then you may want to think about taking some golf lessons from a qualified professional. But, what if you have been playing for a while and really want to know how to best improve your golf scores. Well there is a proper path to golf instruction that you should take. A golf lesson via a good golf instruction book is the correct vehicle to traverse that path.

So, What is this Path?

The path to lower golf scores is to focus on your short game and putting. We don't want to forget about the full swing and smacking the ball off the tee with that huge driver. Look at your game. You are probably spending way more time at the range practicing you tee shots and full swing than you are chipping and putting. Yet while playing, you are probably spending way more time, and therefore more strokes, on the course with the short clubs in your bag and the flat stick. Where is your best chance to lower your golf scores? Short game and putting.

When you are talking about a golf lesson to develop your short game and putting, there is one name that should come to mind, Dave Pelz. You may have read his articles in Golf Magazine or seen him on the Golf Channel. He took his scientist background and put it to work studying golf and golf instruction. He believes there are three swings and five games in regards to golf. There is the power swing, the finesse swing, and the putting stroke. Also, he classifies the games of golf as the power game, the short game, the putting game, the mental game and the management game. Separating golf into these categories makes learning easier. He has a database of statistics to support his conclusions on how to improve your score. Stats that show things like your best chance to make a putt is from ten feet and in and as you move further out you chances significantly decrease and fast. The best way to get inside this distance is to improve your short game.

Short Game Golf Lesson

A great short game golf lesson is the book, Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score (read an excerpt). Dave Pelz starts with his background and how he came to his beliefs on teaching golf and the short game. Then you get to learn how to master the short game. His techniques are easy to understand. He has stats from working with pros, amateurs and the weekend hacker. These backup how he teaches things. With some practice and the knowledge in this golf lesson you will definitely improve your game and playing better is more fun. It has definitely helped my game.

Putting Game Golf Lesson

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green (read an excerpt) is the definitive putting golf lesson. Once again Dave is back with stats in hand to help you improve your putting. Thereby improving your overall game. He starts with an overview of the putting game, then gives you the building blocks to a smooth putting stroke and then gives you advice on how to practice. Following the process will get you in the hole in fewer strokes and those lower scores we are all looking for.

Once you have enhanced your short game and putting then you should give your power game some thought. This is the recommended golf instruction path to better performance on the golf course. Then add mental toughness on the course and then learn how to manage your game and you could contend on tour. Well, at least you could beat your buddies on the weekend.

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