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7 Golf Gifts for Less than …

Well, $150 but more than $50. That is how I define a mid range priced golf gift. Basically, some suggestions for excellent, moderately priced golf gifts for the golfer on your list are what you will find here. A little out of your price range, then check out some recommendations of golf gifts for less than $50 or check out our full guide to gifts for the golf lover. There you will find a categorized listing of golf gift ideas, other than golf gifts for less than ..., for any occasion.

7 Ideas of Golf Gifts for Less than $150

Golf Organizer for TwoA great idea and a product any golfer could use is a golf organizer. It compactly stores your golf clubs, golf bag and all of your golf gear. This Golf Organizer for Two has golf bag storage areas at either end with a curved top to keep clubs in order. It also has shelves to hold your golf shoes, hats and gloves and a bin shelf to store golf balls and tees. Smooth edges and carpeted floor protect clubs and it is constructed of warp-resistant wood composite materials. Assembly is required and if you need to store extra clubs a club rack can be added. Buying a golf gift for a household with only one golfer, then maybe the Golf Organizer for One would be a better fit. It has all the same features of the Golf Organizer for Two with the exception of only one golf bag well. I have a similar golf organizer for all my golf stuff and it is pretty handy. Put it at the end of the hall, in the garage or where ever you want to be able to easily get to all your golf gear and equipment. Both of these are fine golf gifts for less than $150.

Electronic Golf Swing ImproverEvery golfer would like to play golf as much as possible or at least get down to the range and hit a bucket of balls. With most peoples hectic schedules they just don't have the time. When they actually get a chance the weather turns on them. By the time they get back out on the course it could have been days even weeks since they have been able to swing a club or hit a ball. With the Electronic Golf Swing Improver those days are a thing of the past. Now no matter what the weather, whenever you're able to get a free minute you can keep your golf swing in a groove. It is like having a driving range in your house, garage or patio. It has a large LCD display that lets you know how far and how well you're hitting with animated ball flight, it even corrects hooks and slices. Choose any club from a driver to a 9 iron. You will get club head speed-readings and be able to track your best and average shots for each club. Features thick, driving range-style nylon turf to protect clubs, the ability to tee up at three heights and with a solid ball you get the feel of really hitting a ball. A great golf gift for less than $150.

Makes a Great Golf Gift for Less than a Nice Round of Golf!For those times when the golfer on your list is able to get out and play golf, the less they have to pay the better. If you would like to get your special someone a gift that keeps on giving, try the Golf Card. With the Golf Card they can get savings at more than 3,600 participating courses nationwide. There are course discounts in every State in the U.S. along with courses in Canada and Mexico. Members receive up to 50% off green fees, Pro Shop discounts, car rental savings, a quarterly magazine, and a 3-day and 2-night hotel stay. The Golf Card is a great golf gift for less than a round of golf at a nice course. What could be a better gift for a golfer than discount golf?

Personal Climate Golf JacketGolfers like to look good and be comfortable out on the course. The Personal Climate Golf Jacket is the perfect golf gift for exactly that. A technology originally designed by NASA as a temperature-control system to keep astronauts comfortable during space flight, can now be found in the polyester liner of this golf jacket. It forms a "microclimate," protecting the wearer from changes in temperature. The adaptive material provides all-day comfort because it can absorb heat to prevent overheating, and then release it back to you when you need it most. Keeping you in a range equal to your ideal skin temperature for consistent comfort: from a warm clubhouse to the cool air outside, you always remain comfortable. This jacket can keep you warm or cool under pressure. Another solid golf gift for less than $150.

Buy at A beautiful 27 by 19 inch fine art print of Into Amen Corner (Augusta) by Reed would make a very nice golf gift for the golfer on your list. You can find this art piece and many other golf photos, posters and works of art at They also offer a wide selection of custom framing, matting and glazing options. These add to the price but you end up with a quality piece to hang on your wall for a lifetime. You can find a lot of outstanding golf gifts for less than $150 at

Golf Ball Display CabinetMany golfers tend to collect things to remember the places they have played. Such as logo golf balls, ball markers, pencils and divot tools. Why not an attractive display case so they can be put out for all to see. My item of choice happens to be logo golf balls. I get them at every course that I play out of my home area and I have a nice case to display them in. It is similar to this 63 Ball Mahogany Stained Display cabinet with acrylic door, brass emblem and tees to hold those special golf balls from their collection found at Austads's Golf. One of the many golf gifts for less than $150 at Austads's Golf where you can find display cases for ball markers, pencils and divot tools along with other golf ball display designs. These can become quite the conversation piece.

Example Golf Gift Basket from Design It Youself Gift BasketsNone of these golf gifts for less than $150 seem right for the golfer on your list. Then you can always send the old stand-by in the gift giving world, the gift basket. In this case a golf gift basket, but not just any, a high quality handcrafted gift basket in a golf motif from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets. These are loaded up with real golf gear and golf accessories. You will find the same quality golf products that you'll find at your local Golf Pro Shop: Ripstixx Golf Tees, the Swing Sock golf swing trainer, Nike golf balls, Golf Water Bottles and Koozies, the Rules of Golf Booklets, Golf club Headcovers, Golf Towels, Zivot golf divot tools, and lots more! You can also consider adding a golf themed picture frame, a golf themed coffee mug, or a genuine golfing teddy bear to your golf gift basket.

I hope these mid level priced golf gifts for less than $150 but more than $50 have helped you find just the right thing or at least given you some food for thought. Any of these would make an excellent golf gift for the golfer on your list. All are oustanding golf gifts for less than ...

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