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Golf Gift Hole in One Plaques and Trophies

A hole in one is a wonderful feat. Unfortunately for me I have only seen them and never had one. If I ever do, you will find some sort of plaque or trophy to commemorate the occasion. A golf gift hole in one plaque or trophy can be found at trophy and golf shops. There are many styles and designs to choose from, golf plaques to hang on your wall, trophies to put on the shelf and other designs that do not fit into those categories.

Golf Gift Hole in One Plaques

Hole In One Display from Austad's GolfSo you have hit a hole in one or know someone who has and need something to honor the achievement. A well-designed plaque can fit the bill nicely. Like the golf green shaped Hole In One Display found at Austad's Golf. This beautiful plaque made of Oak will hang on your wall displaying both the ball and the scorecard from the day in question.

Golf Gift Hole in One Plaque from GolfsmithA similar golf gift hole in one plaque can be found at Golfsmith. This too has a place for the scorecard and ball, but kicks it up a notch with the ability to personalize it. You can add the person's name, date of the hole in one, name of course, hole number, hole yardage and what club was used. Making this a very special tribute to this wonderful event. Hanging this on the wall will make any golfer proud to show off their accomplishment.

Golf Gift Hole in One Trophies

Rosewood Hole In One Trophy from Austad's Golf Another way to show off that hole in one is with a trophy. One like the Rosewood Hole In One Trophy from Austad's Golf. Save the memory of that incredible shot in with this classic display. Included is a brass plate that you can get engraved with the particulars of the moment. Elegantly crafted with a felt bottom and rosewood finish. A great way to display the lucky golfers Hole in One ball.

Hole-In-One Display TrophyTrophy shops are a place to find golf themed trophies, plaques and more. Dinn Bros. Trophy is one of those shops. They have many golf inspired trophies and plaques for every occasion, including a hole in one. Take for instance their hole in one trophy, a gold-toned display mounted on a walnut-toned base. It comes with 40 letters of free trophy printing on it. This allows you to customize it to the specific hole in one event. You can also find a nice golf gift hole in one plaque in their golf plaques section.

Other Hole in One Displays

Hole in One Award from GolfsmithIf a plaque or a trophy is not to your liking, then maybe one of the following will. These golf gifts hole in one displays can all be found at Golfsmith. They each have the ability to be personalized with the person's name, date of the hole in one, name of course, hole number, hole yardage and what club was used. Making each just a little more special for the recipient. Hole in One Shadow Box Dispay from GolfsmithWith this hole in one award you can mark your achievement in style. It comes with rosewood base and engraved on silver plate and stands 3 inches tall. If you really want to show your pride in that amazing shot, you will want to hang this beautiful solid oak shadow box hole in one display. Hole in One Cube Display from GolfsmithIt can hang either horizontally or vertically and includes an engraved brass plate. The whole thing measures 14.375 x 7.375 x 3 inches and has room for the ball and the scorecard to be displayed. With this cubed shaped hole in one display you can keep that great golf memory alive and well. The solid oak cube has glass on all sides and an engraved brass plate is included. It measures 5.75 x 5.5 inches.

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