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Better than a Golf Coupon Book

Golf coupon books are great. They help you save money on this great game of golf. You usually find them geared to your local area. They are usually found at golf stores and contain coupons for golf courses in your vicinity. This can be great if there is one for your area and you can find it and purchase it.

Your next choice would be something along the lines of an Entertainment Book. Along with coupons and discounts to local dining establishments and retailers, they usually have a section of golf coupons. You can go to the Entertainment Book website and enter your zip code and see if they have a book for your area. If they do then you can view the deals that can be found there including discount golf play and driving range deals.

Those two golf coupon book options are fine. But, is there something better? I think there is. It is called the Golf Card and it offers free golf at some courses and discounts up to 50% at most of the participating golf courses. Discounts are available at golf courses in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. If you love golf and saving money, then yes, the Golf Card is better than a golf coupon book. It has has been around since 1974.

This is a great deal, especially if you travel. Do you travel for business or pleasure? Get some golf in while you are away. Discovering and playing a new course and meeting a new challenge is one of the great joys of golf.

You dream of taking golf vacations, so, the Golf Card would benefit you. You will find discounts on Stay and Play golf packages at over 200 resorts in some of the best golf destinations, such as, Arizona, Florida, and the Carolinas. There are many other advantages to having the Golf Card. To read more about the advantages go to their website. Search the golf course directory and see what is available near you. Don't forget you only have to carry the Golf Card with you to receive discounts not some bulky golf coupon book.

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Golf Card - Better than a Golf Coupon Book

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