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Golf ebooks can be a great way to learn golf or improve your game. I find there are two types of ebooks about golf instruction. Golf ebooks produced by everyday people with knowledge about the game of golf that want to share it with you and make a little money doing so and ebook versions of the big retail publishers golf books.

Either can be good. An ebook golf lesson is easy to get and store. What could be easier than making a purchase and a few minutes later or less your new golf ebook is downloaded and you are reading it? You can print out a page or two and take it to the golf range to practice. There are some great advantages to golf ebook instruction.

eBook Golf Instruction from the Little Guys

ClickBank is one of the leading and trusted secure ecommerce providers for those wishing to sell their electronic goods online. In this case we are talking about ebook golf instruction. The best selling ebook golf lessons sold this way are currently The Simple Golf Swing, The Dave Way, From the Ground Up: How to Shoot in the 70's and The Pro's Edge: Vision Training for Golf! You can find other golf ebooks at ClickMallPlus a searchable categorization of products sold through ClickBank.

Simple Golf Swing eBookThe Simple Golf Swing promises to "Unlock Your Hidden Potential by Discovering the Golf Swing that is Delivering Consistent, Accurate Distance to thousands of golfers worldwide. This Information can't be found ANYWHERE else". This golf ebook can be returned within 90 days for a complete refund. If you don't improve you don't pay.

Golf Slice Cure eBookThe Dave Way is billed as an Anti-Slice System. It promises to "give you 4 easy steps you can add to your existing swing in one visit to the range". This ebook golf lesson has a money back guarantee of three months.

How to Shoot in the 70's eBookFrom the Ground Up: How to Shoot in the 70's promises to teach "you the 3 essential Elements of any good golf swing. And best of all, these Elements are so easily and quickly learned; they can literally be learned in minutes!" They state that if you are not shooting in the 70's in 60 days that they will fully refund your money.

Vision Training for Golf eBookThe Pro's Edge: Vision Training for Golf! "explains how vision training will help golfers to read the greens better, putt more consistently, stroke the ball smoother, drive with more precision and lower their score". Written by Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert who has helped pro golfers and other professional athletes improve their games. Get a full refund if this golf lesson doesn't help you improve within 30 days.

Four ways to lower your golf score and improve your game, each offering your money back if you do not improve. This is just another reason to try ebook golf instruction.

eBook Golf Instruction from the Big Guys

Some of the major book publishers also put out ebook editions of some of their titles. These include titles like Putting Out of Your Mind, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Golf and Zen Golf. These and other ebook instruction manuals can be found at Amazon or

Putting Out of Your Mind eBookPutting Out of Your Mind "reveals the unique mental approach that great putting requires and helps golfers of all levels master this essential skill". I have listened to the audio edition of this book on my way to play golf. It definitely gives the golfer some ideas on improving your putting game from the mental side of things.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Golf eBookThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Golf is a beginners guide to golf. It gives you the basics in which you can then build on in the future with golf lessons or other more advanced golf books on different areas of golf instruction.

Zen Golf eBookZen Golf is another ebook golf guide approaching golf from the mental side of things. This ebook "guides golfers with simple yet powerful techniques to prepare for, execute, and, equally important, respond to the results of any golf shot". Golfers like Vijay Singh and Charles Howell III swear by the techniques you will find in this ebook golf instruction manual.

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