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An eBay Golf Clubs Purchase,
What You Need to Know.

The great eBay can be an outstanding place to pick up some good deals on used and new golf clubs. The site started out as a giant auction site for mainly collectables, but has bloomed into a extraordinary place to buy and sell just about anything. You can find stuff from that new titanium driver or used set of golf clubs to a new or used VW Golf. At eBay they have the main auction site along with their eBay Stores and eBay Motors sites.

You will be able to make an eBay golf club purchase at the main site or by going through the golf stores section of eBay Stores. At the main eBay site you can buy those golf products at auction or with some items they have a buy now feature where the seller has set a fixed price for the item. This feature sometimes can be a great help in getting a good deal on some eBay golf clubs. You don't have to wait for the auction to end and hope you win.

The eBay Stores site gives you another way to find golf clubs and other golf products. This is especially good if you have made a purchase from a certain store and you receive great service, you can go back to their store directly and see everything they have to offer. Items are still listed for bidding or at a fixed buy now price. Everything is categorized just as the main site is except when you filter down instead of seeing all the products from everyone selling on eBay, you find a listing of individual stores and how many of the particular item each store has. You can also set up your own eBay Store.

To be able to bid or buy some eBay golf clubs or anything else you will first need to register for an account. You need a valid email address that can be checked at time of registration. Once you have registered for an eBay account you can search or browse through their listings whether you are looking for some used golf clubs or making any eBay golf product purchase. This account will allow you to buy golf gear at eBay, eBay Stores or Half by eBay. Half!! is a fixed price marketplace populated mainly with books, music, movies, and games, but they do have a sporting goods section that includes a golf section. Just remember you can find more than golf collectables at eBay.

Some Tips on Making the Winning Bid

Before making that winning eBay golf clubs bid you should read these 10 Tips for Bidders. They will help you safely navigate the world of online auctions. Now that you now how to protect yourself, how do you win that auction?

  • Before you bid, set a max price you are willing to pay and stick to it. You want to win, but you also want to get a deal. Try not to get sucked into the excitement of the bidding process. Winning a golf club auction isn't really a win if you paid too much.
  • Each auction item has a time limit. If you bid in the last few seconds and it ends up being the high bid for that auction, you will win because no other bidders will have time to comeback to the auction site and out bid you.
  • Most auctions have a minimum bid increment. You don't have to bid in that exact increment, just at least that much. Make your bids in that increment plus a few cents more. Say you're willing to bid $5.00 over the present top bid of $50.00 and the bid increment is $1.00. You should bid like $55.07. Most people will just be upping the bid by $1.00. If someone bids $55.00 you will still have the top bid. This bid tip also works well in defeating the previous bid tip of waiting until the last few seconds to win the auction. That last second bid has the potential of being just a few pennies short.

The best way to win an eBay golf clubs auction is to combine these bidding ideas. Decide how much you are willing to spend and add a few pennies to it. Then wait until the last few seconds of an auction to submit your bid. This will give you the best chance of winning that golf club at a great price. So, register for an account and happy bidding!

eBay Golf Club Alternatives

The best alternative to looking for golf clubs at eBay is Golf Club Exchange. They are a golf clubs, golf gear and golf accessories only auction site. You can buy or sell golf clubs and they offer the buyer 48 hours to inspect their purchase before payment is final. Also, if you are looking for how much a set is worth check out the Golf Club Blue Book at Golf Club Exchange. You can find out what golf clubs have been selling for. Whatever auction site you are looking to buy from a quick check here could save you a few dollars. Other eBay golf club buying alternatives can be found at Amazon Auctions and Auctions.

Whether you make an eBay golf clubs purchase or find a good deal at another golf club auction site, start by registering at eBay, Amazon, Overstock or Golf Club Exchange auctions. Or, better yet all four, just get bidding so you can more importantly get golfing.

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