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Where can you get Callaway Used Golf Clubs?

There are several places to find used golf clubs. Many of which can allow you to get a great deal. But, the best place to get Callaway used golf clubs is at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. They are the official source for certified pre-owned Callaway golf products.

Second-hand golf clubs can have their problems. All of these problems are alleviated when making a purchase at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. They offer a certificate of authenticity for each club purchase made. Also, they offer limited warranties on all their used golf products. All officially endorsed by Callaway Golf.

The basic process is that they take in Callaway used golf clubs and put them through a ten point inspection process that includes the checking the clubs structural integrity, cleaning the club, replacing the grips, and field testing them. These used clubs are all authenticated as being genuine Callaway golf clubs and then offered for sale with 12 month limited warranty for clubs that are part of the current Callaway product line and a 90 day limited warranty for products no longer in the current product line. Not many places where you can get a warranty on a used golf club.

They also have a trade in program. This a interesting way to turn your old Callaway used golf clubs into newer certified used Callaway golf clubs. All you do is shop at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. Choose the clubs you would like to buy and add them to your shopping cart. Then you find the Callaway used golf club that you want to trade in the trade value section of the site and add that to your cart. The trade in value will be subtracted from your purchase and you will receive a trade in confirmation. Follow the instructions to send in your old Callaway golf club and they will send you your new certified clubs.

If you are dead set on getting that new-to-you set of Callaway used golf clubs, a pre-owned Big Bertha driver or any type of second-hand Callaway golf product, then Callaway Golf Pre-Owned is the place to go. Used clubs with certifications and warranties, what else could you ask for.

An alternative place to look for deals on drivers, sets and single irons including used Callaway golf products is at They have an extensive grading system with pictures and good descriptions of each clubs condition. These are very helpful when making a used golf club purchase or finding that replacement iron for and old set.

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