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Advice on Purchasing Bulk Golf Balls

Buying golf balls in quantity can be a great way to save money. Whether you are looking for some practice balls or you lose a lot of balls while whacking them around the course, bulk buying of your golf balls is the savvy way to go. Since most golf balls sold this way are recycled golf balls or logo overruns, there are a few things you should know before purchasing your golf balls en masse.

Do Bulk Golf Balls Make the Grade?

Most sellers of golf balls in bulk have some kind of grading policy. Many use the idea of Mint as their best quality ball, followed by a Grade A or AAA and then a Grade B or AA etc. These grades tend to easily show which bulk packaged golf balls are better than others. Mint bulk golf balls usually being pretty close to new. Very seldom will you go wrong with a top grade ball in bulk. The next grade down is where you can find some really good deals. These balls have been played before and may have someone's mark, such as initials or something of that nature, on them. The lower grade bulk golf balls are really only good for filling your shag bag and using to practice with. Before making a bulk golf ball purchase, you need to find each companies grading key so you can find out what the major differences are between their grades. Then you can see if the price premium from a Grade A ball to a Mint ball is worth the jump.

Logo Overrun Bulk Golf Balls

Many companies, sports teams, golf courses, and other organizations buy golf balls with their logo on them. They use them as giveaways at trade shows and events or to employees at company tournaments. Yet the companies that produce these logo golf balls inevitably make printing mistakes or print more than is needed. These perfectly fine golf balls can't go out to the customer, so they are sold as what are termed overruns. If you do not mind having some random picture on the side of you golf ball, then buying logo overruns is a great way to get brand new golf balls at a discount. Their mistake is your savings.

Bulk golf balls, whether they are logo overruns or experienced, are a fantastic way to try a Titleist ProV1 or some other expensive golf ball normally out of your price range for a reasonable cost. Or, if you just want to save money on your favorite golf ball whatever it is, a bulk golf ball purchase will do the trick. is a great place to find recycled golf balls for purchase in bulk. They have a minimum order quantity of three dozen. is another good place to find logo overruns by the dozen.

If you are looking to get your own logo put on a golf ball or personalize them with your name, offers this service. They will sell you pretty much anything, golf balls, bags, towels, hats, and more with a logo or some other moniker on it.

Not sure what golf ball you want to buy in volume, maybe you need to figure out what the best golf ball for you is. Then you can make the right bargain bulk golf ball buy.

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