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What is the Best Golf Ball for You?

To find the optimum golf ball for you, you need to answer three questions:

Who are you?
Choosing the right golf ball for you is based on your level of play. The right golf ball for a beginner is different than the right golf balls for intermediate or advanced players.
How do you play?
The correct golf ball for you depends on how you play the game of golf. Are you a long or a short hitter? Do you tend to hook or slice? Do you need more spin off your short irons? The answers to these types of questions will help you choose the correct golf ball.
What do you want from your ball?
Deciding on the best golf ball for you depends on what you need from a golf ball. This question plays right off the previous question. If you are a short hitter then you need a golf ball that will give you some distance.

Choosing the Best Golf Ball for You

Most people will tell you about the types of golf balls to help you pick the best golf ball for you. I think you need to first choose whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. Within those categories you answer the second two questions. Then you can start your golf ball testing and comparison and that will lead you to the best golf ball for you.

Best Golf Ball for the Beginner

The best golf ball for you if you are a beginner is the cheapest golf ball possible. You do not need to answer the next two questions until your game starts moving towards the intermediate status. Because, how you play is probably badly and what you want from your ball is not to get lost. When you are first starting out, be prepared to lose a lot of golf balls. So, spending too much on your golf balls just adds to the price of your round. Until you start losing less than three or so balls a round, you need to be looking at wholesale, used, recycled, experienced, or bulk golf balls.

Callaway Warbird Golf BallsWhen you are only losing a couple three golf balls per round your game is starting to move towards intermediate status. You are not there yet, but, now you can answer the next two questions and you will probably find that you want a ball with less spin to lessen a hook or slice, a high launch for greater ball flight, hard covers so they last and of course still don't break the bank. The best golf ball for you now would be a Two Piece Distance ball such as the Callaway Warbird, Top-Flite XL, or Wilson Ultra. Even though you are now most likely looking for distance, you should probably stay away from illegal golf balls. If you want to improve, play with the longest golf ball that is legal. That is the way to go. Otherwise you will have a warped perspective of the actual state of your golf game.

Best Golf Ball for the Intermediate Player

An intermediate player's game has come around to the point where the answers to the second and third questions can really help you pick the best golf ball for you. Performance aspects of different golf balls can actually improve your play. The ball choice will be based less on price because you now occasionally finish a round with the same ball that you started with.

Titleist DT SoLo Golf BallsThe best golf ball for you will be a Two Piece Low Compression ball such as the Maxfli Noodle, Precept Laddie Xtreme, or the Titleist DT SoLo. These balls can help with distance for moderate and slower swing speeds. Some have low spin for accuracy and softer covers for feel.

Titleist NXT Golf BallsiconAs your game improves the best golf ball for you will be a Two Piece Performance golf ball such as the Bridgestone e5, Titleist NXTicon or NXT Touricon. These balls have a larger core for more distance yet still do not have the spin or feel of a multilayer ball for short shots around the green.

Best Golf Ball for the Advanced Player

Titleist Pro V1x Golf BallsiconYou are now very good and you play very well, so, the answer to the third question is now the most important. Now that you are shooting par or better almost every time out the best golf ball for you is a golf ball with Multilayer Construction such as the Bridgestone Golf Tour B330, Callaway Golf HX Tour, Nike One Platinum, or Titleist Pro V1icon or Pro V1xicon. The different layers of these types of balls enhance some aspect of performance. Soft covers for feel, a firm mantle to increase energy transfer to the core for distance, and urethane covers for more spin on short shots.

The downside of these types of balls is price and some are designed for high swing speeds. If you are a good enough player to land in the advanced category, then squeezing every last bit of performance out of your equipment is worth the premium price and makes a Multilayer ball the best golf ball for you.

Choosing the best golf ball for you will enhance your enjoyment of the game of golf. The game is more fun when you play better and the right golf ball can help you do that. The links above send you to the best golf ball for you at which offers the largest selection of new, used, personalized & custom logo golf balls on the web. Some other notable places to find great prices on golf balls are Golfsmith or the sporting goods section at Amazon. Now that you have found the correct golf ball for you, you might want to learn what came before, you may want to know the history of the golf ball.

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