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Beginner Golf Instruction, Learn How to Play Golf

Learning how to play golf can be tough. What do I do? Where should I start? These are the types of questions you ask as a beginner golfer. There is a path that one should take for beginner golf instruction.

Beginner Golf Instruction, Start with a Good Golf Book

A great place to start is with a good all around book on golf. Love them or hate them you really can't go wrong with a Dummies book. In Golf For Dummies, author Gary McCord, starts you out with the basics. Not just about the golf swing or putting, but about golf in general. He covers the rules of golf, the do's and don'ts of the game. He lets you in on golf speak so you can sound like a golfer. These are the things someone who is going to learn how to play golf needs to know so they don't look foolish when hanging around or talking with other golfers. Gary McCord is a professional golfer and tournament analyst for CBS. He is a very funny person and considered to be quite the character in the golf world. His personality comes out in his writing, making the book a very enjoyable read. If a Dummies book to beginner golf instruction is not to your liking then maybe The Complete Idiot's Guide to Golf might be more your style. It provides much of the same information on learning to play golf, yet I prefer Golf for Dummies for the golf beginner. For those of you who like to listen to or watch your books, Golf for Dummies is available on Audio Cassette and DVD. Also in the Dummies line of golf books are Golf Rules & Etiquette for Dummies, Golf Essentials for Dummies and Golf Over 40 for Dummies.

For the child wanting to learn how to play golf you could pickup Tiger's Tips: Beginner's Golf for Kids. This is not a book by Tiger Woods yet is very helpful in presenting beginner golf instruction to children. For a beginner golf instruction manual geared towards women try The Women's Guide to Golf: A Handbook for Beginners.

Beginner Golf Instruction, Get Some Golf Lessons

Once you have done a little reading and you have found your local driving range and whacked a few golf balls around you might want to seek lessons. You can do fine with books and videos but if you want to really learn a proper golf swing then lessons from a qualified instructor are the way to go. Give yourself the gift of golf lessons. Once you have the basic golf swing down then you can learn better and get more out of more advanced golf books and video instruction. Things the beginner can't really worry about until they can make a proper swing. Before you take the lessons though you obviously can't learn how to play golf without a set of golf clubs. Nothing special just a nice beginner set of golf clubs or some old used clubs. This will get you on your way to learn how to play golf.

Beginner Golf Instruction, After the Golf Lessons

Get out and play some golf. If you have friends that play golf go out with them. They can help you find a nice easy course near you to start off with. Plus when you are starting out it seems to be easier to look bad in front of people you know instead of some stranger. Why this is, I do not know. You would think looking foolish in front of someone you will probably never see again would be preferable. One tip though on playing with buddies or anyone for that matter, if they offer you advice, say thank you and promptly disregard it. Focus on what your golf instructor has been teaching you or what you have been reading about. The fastest way to mess yourself up is to try every little idea someone gives you, especially if they aren't very good themselves.

Once you have got some lessons and some play under your belt then you will want to start working on different aspects of your golf game. No longer in need of beginner golf instruction you will want to work on your putting or your short game. Once, you get bit by the golf bug, you are always wanting to improve. You never stop learning. You are always on the hunt to learn how to play golf better.

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